What is JetRadar?

This website is part of an online network owned by Go Travel Un Limited, a company based in Hong Kong. It appears that it became available in 2012, and its only purpose is to find and compare the best flight booking opportunities available online.

It collaborates with 200 online booking agencies and a total of 1,040 airlines, so users can find the best options no matter what are their destinations.

But JetRadar is not a booking website. The company doesn’t handle any transactions and doesn’t act as an intermediary between the clients and the agencies. All it does is present users with all the options available online.

And because it doesn’t have any involvement in booking process, the company can’t be held responsible for any of the problems that might arise between the clients and agencies. JetRadar doesn’t have any obligations towards its users, but at the same time, it’s completely free to use.

This website can be used to find the best flight deals, but it doesn’t limit the search results to the most affordable options. It displays the flights that are available in order of price, but the expensive options are not left out. Users can sort their flight search results based on many different criteria, so price doesn’t have to be the most important feature.

How does JetRadar work?

JetRadar is very easy to use, and visitors can customize their experience. The website is available in 12 languages, and the user can choose their location from a list of 32 countries.

JetRadar can be used from all over the world, but choosing one of the countries will return more accurate results. And visitors can also choose the currency that will be used to display the prices of the flights.

The list includes a total of 23 currencies. And it must be kept in mind that the prices displayed are actually the final prices. No fees are left out, so the user is never mislead when choosing to book through one of the agencies.

The flight search bar is available right on the main page. All that the user has to do is enter the destination, the departure and arrival dates, the travel class and the number of passengers. JetRadar will return all the flights that match the criteria, sorting them based on price.

The most affordable are displayed first, but users can also sort them based on other interests. The number and duration of stops, time of departure and arrival, preferred airlines, airports and agencies, all these factors can be used to find the most appropriate options.

For each flight in the list, the website displays the price, the airline, the departure and arrival time, the number of stops, and of course the agency. The website of the agency can be accessed by clicking the ”book now” button, and this is actually the only way to book the flight.

JetRadar doesn’t offer this service, but users can subscribe and receive price alerts. This will guarantee that the user has immediate access to the best deal. And considering how often prices change, the feature is extremely useful.

The search bar might give off the impression that the website can also be used to find hotels, cars and buses. It displays buttons that seem able to change the search criteria. But all they do is link to other websites that are part of the network.

But they’re very useful nonetheless, because unlike JetRadar, these website take bookings. Visitors can use JetRadar to find flights and move on to the hotel or car booking website, so the buttons are after all a good addition.


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