Types of Youtube Videos That Get Highest Views

There are various types of social media that you could find on the internet these days. One of them is Youtube, social media that allows you to watch videos online. You also could post your own Youtube videos if you have your own account. When you create videos to be posted on your Youtube account, you might need to consider whether the videos that you’ve created will get many views or not. For those of you who want to create videos for Youtube and you want to get high views for your videos, below are several types of video that you should create so that you could get massive views.

If you visit Youtube, you will notice that Youtube videos could be categorized into several different categories. Some videos might get only few views while some others could get higher views than other types of video. The types of videos that will get highest views on Youtube are:

– Funny animal videos

Funny animal videos are one of the most popular types of videos that you could find on Youtube. If you have your own pet such as cat or dog and your pet could perform or act in funny way, you could document your pet and post the videos on your Youtube account. Your cat or dog videos will get higher views, especially if the content is funny.

– Prank videos

Sometimes you might want to perform prank on your friends in order to create jokes. Even though pranks could be quite dumb sometimes, they also might be able to create something fun as well. If you perform pranks on your friends or on random people and you record this action into videos, you could post these videos on your Youtube account. If the Youtube videos that you post are funny and clever enough, you might get massive views on Youtube.

– Tutorial videos

Other type of videos that will get highest views on Youtube is tutorial videos. There are various types of tutorial that you could post on Youtube in the form of videos from making a birthday cake tutorial even to make up tutorial. If your tutorial videos came in great packaging and recorded in professional way, you might be able to get more views when the videos are posted on Youtube.

There are also other types of videos that you could create if you want to get massive views on Youtube. Consumers buying advice videos, product review videos, or videos that are related to lifestyle are several great examples of Youtube videos that will get higher views o Youtube.

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